Excited to present Shreya Preeti, a great singer from Chicago. Here’s a live version of her pop hit "Junkyard”.

We work with songwriter-singer-novelist Nick Fowler, who just published his novel "My Virtuous Sister" - for sale here. Nick acted as Richie Santini in The Sopranos episode "A Hit Is A Hit".

Congratulations to rap legend Thunny Brown - his song "Second To None" is in the current episode of The Gifted on Fox Tv.

We're excited to debut a great new song "Lonely" from Taquirah.

Did you know that our singer Zee Asha had a lead role in the London production of Mary Poppins Musical? Zee's songs are in many great TV shows including The Wire

Listen for songs by Joe Marson and The Go-Getters in the new Netflix series "Gypsy" starring Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup.

Congratulations to Five2 and Elizabeth McQueen for songs in the upcoming film "Our Souls At Night". It's the 4th film to costar living legends Robert Redford and Jane Fonda! Remember "Barefoot In The Park"?

Great News for our artist Chloe Collins. Her song "Forget Your Name" is in the TV show "Nashville"!

Props to rapper Thunny Brown and jazz pianist Mathias Landaeus for their songs in the film "Keep The Change" which won "Best Narrative Feature" at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

We're excited to have Los Straitjackets "Hey Joey" in the new advertisement from Sainsbury's.

Watch the 2 hour pilot episode of "Rebel" - the new series from John Singleton. And listen for great R&B from Thunny Brown and Mars Today.

We just licensed 2 songs in the TV series "Training Day". Remember back in 2001 when we licensed Alabina in the film "Training Day"?

Soul rock singer Joe Marson has a new album. Maybe you heard him in "Deadpool" or "Bloodline"? Watch his video for "Gotta Be Good"

Listen for Liverpool duo Sunday Jones in the new drama series "Six" inspired by real Seal Team 6 missions on History Channel.

Listen for beloved chanteuse Jacqueline Taieb in the film Beirut coming in 2017 and starring John Hamm and Rosamund Pike.

M. Night Shyamalan's 2017 film Split features a new song by blues giant Slam Allen

Heard in new Fox TV show Pitch: songs by Hans Inglish and Hazel Rose.

It's a boy! We just started working with Jacob John, a great indie folk artist from Seattle.

Farewell to TV's Rizzoli & Isles, we'll miss you. Thanks for using songs by Slam Allen and Lynette Williams.

Congratulations! TV series The Affair and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend win Emmys after licensing songs from LoveCat.

Overheard: new spy series Berlin Station on Epix to use songs from jazz cats Bill Anschell and Mike Ponella.

Syfy's Wynonna Earp is a new western that licensed songs by Ben Lavain and The Sideway Runners.

Debuting at Tribeca Film Festival: Youth In Oregon with songs from The Go-Getters and Gayle Lynn.

Goodbye to The Good Wife series and thank you for being good to songs by A+A, The Genders and Orb Mellon.

Listen for Joe Marson in Marvel film Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds.

Sacre bleu! 1960s French singer Jacqueline Taieb has a song in Angelina Jolie's film By The Sea.

A new Mass Mutual advert features a song from the Cree Rider Family Band. The admiration is mutual!

Salsa legend La Palabra is heard in the film Learning To Drive starring Ben Kingsley.