new 2019

Our best new songs in many genres, from our friends The Motor Tom, Colonies, Joe Marson, Slam Allen, Maya Solovey and more.

country-Alt roots

Indie meets country with influences ranging from roots rock, bluegrass, rockabilly, and honky-tonk. Best paired with a glass of beer or a broken heart.

Country Female

The women of LoveCat's country catalog dazzle with haunting vocal harmonies and soulful lyrics.

Country male

The pride of our country catalog, spanning traditional, classic country, modern honky-tonk, and pedal-steel.



Grab your platform shoes and groove to pure disco with a touch of funk and soul.



A sampler of great rappers, from gangster and old school to club rap.



The coolest songs from indie rock bands around the world. Viva indie rock. 

jazz Cool

Smooth, cool jazz a la Miles Davis and Coltrane.

jazz muzak

The classic muzak sound, includes many authentic 1970s tracks.

latin classics

Enjoy a range of salsa, cumbia and traditional songs from legends Latin Soul Syndicate, Bio Ritmo and Orquesta La Palabra.

latin low rider rock

Classic fusions of Latin funk and rock recall 1970s era groups like Tower Of Power, Santana and War.

Latin moderns

Contemporary Latin songs with a pop edge and danceable beats.


Catchy, exciting modern pop songs that sound like they should be next year's hits.

R&B dance party

More radio-ready party anthems with R&B flavor.

R&B retro soul

The new old sound, an amalgam of jazz, pop, Motown and Northern Soul.



Some of our favorite troubadours, with touches of folk, jazz, blues and everything in between.


lyric themes



Songs about dancing are a lot more fun than books about reading.  Enjoy! 


Songs about family, in good times and in bad.


If you want to be happy, or at least not sad, check out these songs.


Whether you're coming home, leaving for good, or just hitting the open road for the sake of it, you'll find a song to match your mood in this playlist.